Based in Bundoora, Montmorency and Briar Hill, the three homes can house six residents in each accommodation setting.

At IDV, we are continuing to develop opportunities that meet the changing needs and preferences of our residents and their families. For some people this means more community integration and building independence. For others, it may be increased connections to family and friends or supporting changing health needs as our people age.


Our houses are well maintained and staffed to meet individuals needs.

Each house has developed its own character based on the individuals living within that home. Our houses are credited in having a very homely feel about them; receiving acknowledgement and praise from external Auditors, community visitors and other external agencies.

We encourage residents to personalise their bedrooms with their own furnishings and decorations. We also encourage residents to maintain contact with friends and family and we support this by regularly holding special family and friend days throughout the year.

The immediate impression at this house is one of warmth-an orderly, well run house. The walls are adorned with photos and there are ornaments and general everyday objects are evident."

- Community visitors to Airlie Road


Our staff provide support in a wide range of areas,such as household duties, personal care, participation in community life and increasing independence through skill development (e.g. domestic related skills).

Each resident is supported by a Keyworker. Their dedicated Keyworker takes a special interest in their general wellbeing, ensuring they are working towards their personal goals. They liaise with specialists and community based services to ensure residents needs are met and we are increasing their opportunities.

Within 60 days of entering the service, an individual plan is developed in consultation and collaboration with the resident and relevant stakeholders. The plan aims to outline identified goals and a strategy on how these goals will be achieved using the various resources and networks available to IDV


The primary philosophy of IDV's residential services is that residents are treated with dignity and respect, have rights and responsibilities as well as a right to privacy. Residents are fostered to develop a sense of ownership of their homes.

Residents are encouraged to have a say in what happens in their home, promoted to strive for their individual goals and personal ambitions and develop and/or maintain their independence.

IDV encourages individuals to exercise choice and control in their lives, in order to live the life they choose.


Our fees are levied in accordance with:

  1. Living expenses and
  2. Rent Assistance; which is for residents through Centrelink, to assist with these related fees.

Note: Individuals must be eligible for the Disability Support Pension and be 18 years of age or over.

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