Youth Transition

Step by Step Program

The Step by Step program is a dedicated program for young people with a disability (approximately 18-25 years old) and focuses on developing their skills and confidence to successfully transition into adult life.

It offers participants the opportunity to engage in the program with other adults within the same age group who are:

  • Individuals taking the next step into adulthood
  • Persons who are assessing or re-assessing their options and seek support in identifying and achieving personal goals, priorities and aspirations; either on an individual basis and/or in a group program model
  • Persons who wish to gain skills, abilities, knowledge and experience in areas that will contribute to future independent living or creates opportunities for a good or better life

The Step by Step program is based in Greensborough at Amethyst Place, a community hub providing a range of Disability and Allied health services. In order to maintain a strong sense community focus and social integration for participants, IDV has prioritized developing numerous partnership arrangements with other organizations and providers.

Youth Transition

The Step by Step program is also goal orientated, with a focus on achieving desired outcomes. The Program is suited to individuals wishing to remain in a group setting, with other adults of similar age, interests and support requirements.

There is also an opportunity for activities which are carefully chosen to meet individual goals, priorities and interests.

Within flexible course content, Step by Step enables participants to focus on a wide range of life areas, whilst providing opportunities to:

  • Undertake pre-accredited and accredited course options (e.g. TAFE)
  • Practical and real life learning opportunities such as travel training, maintaining relationships, work skills etc.
  • Work experience placements and employment options
  • Personal development (social skills/etiquette, self-esteem, health and fitness)
  • Recognise and identify personal pursuits, meaningful future pathways, which are based around areas of strength and/or areas for improvement and/or what is most important to you

Step by Step appreciates the importance of people establishing social networks, reflective of a younger age group. The Step by Step program does not cease at the capped age range of 18-25; instead, it progresses with a varied model of the program, reflective of the age range 25 plus.

All training has been organised to occur in socially inclusive community based settings and services. The premise of this is to create opportunities to associate and develop relationships and partnerships with other people from the general community where possible.

All this combined, assists in determining future pathways, including vocational pursuits and/or ways to lead a good or better life. There is a strong transitional pathway between what is sometimes a 'grey' area. It can be filled with uncertainty about what the future might look like but we guide participants to a future that holds more clarity; guided and supported with purpose.

Youth Transition

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