Flexible Service Arrangements

The flexible support arrangement is a hybrid service option, connecting a combination of different service types into one arrangement reflects the needs and wants of each individual.

Examples of this type of arrangement may include:

Individualised Support

An individualised service model is provided in a one to one capacity which aligns with a person's unique values, goals and interests.

Group supports

IDV's day service model facilitates various training, education and vocational opportunities. This option promotes the development of independent living skills with a focus on attaining goals. Individuals are encouraged to choose to participate in various activities and programs with other individuals who share similar interests and who seek similar goal outcomes. Injected with person centred approaches, people are encouraged to work on individual goals within a group setting. Group settings can strengthen an individuals skill level in communication, co-operation and conflict resolution. Groups can also promote teamwork and support the development of social connections, friendships, and more importantly social integration.

A real example

For the purpose of this example, the name is fictional, but the scenario is real.

Bruno attends group programs three days a week (i.e. Group model service arrangement). He attends group settings for further education opportunities and is currently completing an accredited course Certificate 1 in Work Education, to maximize his job prospects. This TAFE related option, supported by IDV, is organized and delivered by an approved registered training provider.

Bruno is also undertaking pre-accredited courses in the areas of independent living; including domestic skills (e.g. cooking, washing clothes), ICT (e.g. computers, IPads, programming) and money skills (budgeting). He does this in group settings, run from either base sites or in local community facilities.

In addition, Bruno is supported for two days in a 1:1 situation, with a staff person who supports his job placement at Bundoora Farm (i.e. Individualised model service arrangement). The staff person is responsible for supervising and monitoring Bruno's interactions, level of training and the provision of transportation to and from the farm.

Flexible Service Arrangements

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