Life Skills and Recreation
Group Based Programs

IDV's day service model facilitates various training, education and vocational opportunities. Within all our programs we promote the development of independent living skills and goal attainment.

Participants are encouraged to participate in various activities and programs with other individuals who share similar interests and are encouraged to work on individual goals within a group setting.

Group settings can strengthen an individuals skills in communication, co-operation and conflict resolution. Groups can also promote teamwork and support the development of social connections, friendships and more importantly social integration.

The types of programs most suited to an individual are determined by the person in the first instance. We consult with their respective carers/families, and programs are developed based on the individuals own interests, needs, goals and aspirations. A Person Centered Plan (PCP) is completed for each individual within 60 days of joining IDV and then reviewed annually. One of the main objectives of this type of program is to build the individuals level of independence by reducing their overall level of support requirements.

The individuals program allocations will vary from year to year, or as required in accordance with the changing needs, supports and interests of the person. When goals are successfully achieved, alternative goals are identified and reflected with the allocation of new programs/activities.

IDV currently provides programs across general life areas. These can be categorized under five broad streams:

  • Life Skills (e.g. problem solving, personal care, communication, IT, social skills, cooking, road safety awareness,)
  • The Arts ( includes the performing arts)
  • The Academics ( e.g. literacy, numeracy, money skills)
  • Recreation and Leisure (e.g. swimming, bowling)
  • Training / Work skills development Opportunities (RDA, gardening, Meals on Wheels, woodwork)
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