The History of IDV Inc.

In 1939 the Ivanhoe Helping Hand Day Training Centre was established. Funded by parents of children with disabilities their desire was to provide a supportive environment for their children. Over the course of the following 3 decades the Centre continued to support the community at various locations throughout the Heidelberg and Ivanhoe area until, in 1972 the building of 88 McNamara Street in McLeod was completed.

In 1986, to help individuals live a more fulfilling and integrated lifestyle IDV purchased its first support house in Montmorency accommodating six residents, then the following year a further property was purchased in Briar Hill housing another six residents. To date IDV provides three support houses across the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. These purchases were made possible with the assistance of subsidies from the Commonwealth Government.

On the 25th of September 1991 a Funding and Services Agreement was signed under S24 of the Intellectually Disabled Persons' Services Act 1986, between the Director General Community Services Victoria (C.S.V.) and Ivanhoe-Diamond Valley Centre for Intellectually Disabled Adults. The Funding and Services Agreement was negotiated with Ivanhoe-Diamond Valley Centre Committee of Management for the provision of Adult Unit programmes to seventy-two effective full-time placements. Recurrent funding was to be received from Intellectual Disability Services (I.D.S.), and Community Services Victoria (C.S.V.).

This enabled IDV to develop Programmes catered to the individual needs and goals identified by the individuals we support. The Programmes aimed to provide further education and training, allowing them the opportunity to develop their skills in community access, vocation and personal growth.

In 2012 the Board of Directors, in consultation with IDV's various stakeholders, agreed to change its name. The previous name of 'Ivanhoe Diamond Valley Centre' was found to be no longer relevant, due to the main base no longer actually being positioned in Ivanhoe. The Board felt, however, that we would keep the "IDV" name for purposes of easy recognition. So whereas the three letters (IDV) don't actually represent anything more, they remain synonymous of our history and represent our mission, values, and the Disability Services Provider we have become known for day.

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