Individualised Service Arrangements

Individualised / Personalised service arrangements 18+

An individualised service model is provided in a one to one capacity which aligns with a person's unique values, goals and interests.

Adopting a consultative approach we explore and determine what is important to you and how IDV can support you and your family/carer on your journey.

We can also help you define or explore the following:

  • What a 'good' or 'better' life looks like for you
  • Negotiating a 'Person Centred Plan' highlighting the support requirements necessary for you to achieve their identified goals
  • The provision of direct 1:1 support (as required)
  • The formation of trusting partnerships and relationships
  • Training, education and employment opportunities whilst also looking at developing independent living skills. These are all targeted to increase a participant's level of independence, choice and control, and one's general capacity; where it then becomes possible to reduce/remove the need for external supports
  • Community inclusive opportunities
  • Ongoing reviews, assessments and quality outcomes
Individualised Service Arrangements

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Individualised Service Arrangements
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